Predict asset failures before they strike. Prescribe the measures that prevent them.

Asset Risk Predictor (ARP) is a standalone predictive and prescriptive maintenance solution from Fiix.

It combines your equipment and sensor data with the power of AI to learn what’s normal and then alert you when something isn’t right with your assets. With ARP, you can plan for failure days in advance instead of finding it during a scheduled inspection or responding to a sudden change in asset condition.

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the Fiix CMMS so you can automatically trigger work to close the loop on any issues and minimize downtime.

Daily risk history dashboard

Catch breakdowns days in advance

Asset risk predictor home dashboard

Cut unnecessary work from your team’s schedule

High to low risk level notification icons

Save time and react faster when issues arise

Fiix AI-generated product interface

New Fiix prescriptive maintenance

Put your predictions to work with lightning fast AI-prescribed work orders

Fiix Asset Risk Predictor now includes Fiix prescriptive maintenance (PxM), a generative AI tool that automatically creates detailed and complete work orders based on your CMMS data. Plus, it learns and improves over time to create even better task instructions for your team.

Get detailed work instructions to stop failures before they happen

Free up time from filling out work orders to focus on more impactful activities

Cover labor shortages and knowledge gaps with an AI that does the paperwork for you

Fiix AI-generated product interface

Still think predictive and prescriptive maintenance take months and millions to implement?

Think again! You can add the power of predictive and prescriptive maintenance to your CMMS in as little as two weeks. See what other Fiixers are saying.


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"Asset Risk Predictor gives us an early warning of potential machine issues, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime. Being able to auto-generate work orders when risks are detected is a huge plus."

Michael Thomas, Plant and Commissioning Engineer

Perth County Ingredients

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"We’ve had great success so far [with Asset Risk Predictor], unfortunately, we haven’t had a failure yet, but we have seen some of that data trend upwards to a yellow alert."

Tom Dufton, Maintenance/Project Manager